Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UBa: Boy impregnates three Girls

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-On Thursday November 5, 2013, there was ruction at a student residence in the University of Bamenda (UBa). Three UBa students are said to have stormed the room of a boy whose names I have just forgotten, accusing him of haven impregnated them. According to eye witnesses, the boy’s room was almost turned into a free for all boxing field.
Prof. Tafah Edokat, VC of UBa

Alerted, the forces of law and order rushed to the scene to stop the almost already free for all fight. One of the girls told gendarmerie officers that she was three months pregnant for the boy while the other two said they were four months pregnant each for the same boy. Both the boy and the girls are all students of that Anglo-Saxon university that is located in Bambilli, Tubah subdivision of the North West Region.
Meantime, as the university has just reopened for the 2023/2014 academic year, there is an out cry amongst students as some feymen who have transformed themselves into authorities of the university are reported to have duped a good number of freshmen and collected their fees.
The University of Bamenda was created by Decree n° 2010/371 of the 14th December 2010. The last of the eight state Universities in Cameroon as primary concern, to achieve the goals attributed to all the state Universities which include, teaching, research and outreach.
The above situation is nonetheless very common in most schools in Bamenda every September.

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