Monday, November 11, 2013

Immunity is Never Synonymous to Impunity- Enow Tanjong Warns

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The eldest MP of the 9th legislature has told his colleagues that immunity is never synonymous to impunity. Enow Tanjong made the remark Tuesday October 29 in his inaugural speech of the 9th legislative period. The MP born in 1938 in Manyu also cautioned his colleagues to be people of reference, working in the interest of all Cameroonians.
The former Governor of the South West region is heading the provisional bureau of the National Assembly, with the two youngest MPs Zoubiantou Salihou and Solange Kwamba (both female) from the greater north region of Cameroon born in 1978, pending the election of the 23 member bureau.
Anglophones it has been observed in the last two legislative periods have been the eldest MPs. Enow Tanjong of the CPDM party takes over this mantle from Peter Cho Fonso of the SDF. Even at the Senate, an Anglophone Nfon Victor Mukete, 95 of the CPDM party is the eldest Senator.
During the short period as president of the provisional bureau of the Assembly, the eldest MP enjoys some advantages. He is entitled to a body guard, a retinue, a bigger space in the parliamentarian hotel where he receives guests and an allowance to entertain the latter.
The eldest MP chaired the session where all the 180 substantive MPs elected last September 30 received their attributes - a tri-color sash, an insignia, plus a cockade. The attributes confer on them the title “Honorable” plus all the advantages and the immunity which goes along with the attributes.
Cameroonian MPs who work for just 15 out of the 60 months in their five year mandate have a 5m F CFA micro project grant each year and a vehicle allowance among other advantages.
Real parliamentary business begins after the election of the 23 member bureau. Highly awaited is the new Speaker of the house. Speculations are rife that Cavaye Yeguie Djibril who has been Speaker since 1992 will be replaced by a woman. Unpredictable as he is, President Biya who chooses the House Speaker can still surprise speculators by maintaining Cavaye as Speaker.

 Published in NewsWatch N° 006

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