Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Peak Sex Seasons: February-March, Not December Alone!

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Sex happens all the time and the risks are always there, yet certain periods are high risk seasons.
December has been universally acknowledged as the most risky season because of the end of year feasting and perhaps the socio-economic situation whereby, in order to meet up with the demands of the fanfare, some needy persons indulge in unseemly sexual activity to make ends meet. Hence, the World AIDS Day on December 1.
But if the authorities are not robots, if they have any sense of observation and can take initiatives, February-March would be set aside for significant Aids prevention campaigns. Those two months are about as risky as December, if not more.
The Youth Week and Valentine’s Day, both in February, make that month a season to watch. During Youth Week, official cultural activities and side events organized by youths expose young girls and boys to risky sex.
Unlike Xmas and New Year when outings could be a family affair with mum and dad coming along, at Youth Week it is everyone for them selves, each to their own school program, each to return homes is done. And see how they dress on such occasions: mini-skirts and tight knickers of most provocative cuts, up to the butt line.
And right on the heels of Youth Week (Youth Day is February 11), comes Valentine’s Day (February 14) when the craze to be ‘a la mode’ makes people ‘fall in love’ with someone they do not love, just to count in the number. And they indulge in sex because if they had a partner courting them over time, Valentine’s Day is the day to prove that love by conceding the thing most sought after.
And then, hardly a month after, is the International Women’s Day (March 8) when some women who cannot afford the Women’s Day fabric and accompanying dress compliments (shoes, handbag, etc), use what they have to get what they need, lest they look like incapable women in the eyes of others.
It is the same season when wayward women and some wives, prove to their husbands that part of gender equality is their freedom to go with other men. And the sex infection risks cannot be over-emphasized.
But has anyone witnessed any intensified Aids prevention campaign at these seasons? Robots at the appropriate quarters are waiting for December, not really to save humanity, but to fulfill the calendar and justify often embezzled expenditure.

Culled from This is News, article written by Franklin Sone Bayen , March 2010.

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