Saturday, November 23, 2013

Renovation: STV’s Amy Banda Re-introducing “Good Morning Cameroon Show”

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-In an interview with NewsWatch, Amy says she faces both internal and external challenges. The 'girl who raps', as Amy is fondly called by some viewers also talks about the appreciation of her audience and her eloquent display of speech patterns. She spoke to Ndi Eugene Ndi. Excerpts
NewsWatch: What are the challenges you are facing in reintroducing a long forgotten program?
Amy on GMC

Amy Banda: The challenges I encounter re-launching an almost forgotten wake up show which inspired every other morning show in Cameroon and other parts of the continent are enormous from both internal and external forces. After three failed attempts from a new, young and dynamic team, my employer thought it wise identifying me with the crew because of the belief he has in my prowess. This alone has been a thorn in my flesh but since we have an audience to build and I am one who hates to fail, especially when promises come in, I stood my ground. After giving Cameroonians interesting discoveries on the GMC and taking a two year break, these peaceful nationals broke ties with STV's Morning hours and attached themselves to other media organs. This alone is another difficulty, having to entice them with new mind-blowing tips and slots presented by new faces such that what they see on the STV between the hours of 7 and 9am every weekday will dissuade their interest elsewhere and have them glued to our signals. However these and more challenges (some you see live on screen and I must not come back on) are major but not impossible issues to handle.
NewsWatch: What is the appreciation of your audience?
Amy Banda: With the turnout of the guest profile on the show every 10 Minutes after 8am and Facebook reactions, we can boast of the fact that we are winning our lost audience. The feedback from the audience on issues treated on traffic by Sanders Mbangue, Lifestyle tips by ClaurettaEyong and MireilleSiapje, Eye on the Planet with Violet Mesape, Press Review by Marc Jiofack, Culture by SeraphineEloh, health by Dora Eboa, Sports by either MakedaLydie G.-DipitaTongo - Willy Kak, Job offers by KennaKuma and the News by Cynthia Acha and Leila ReineNganzeu, gives us reason to amplify the tonus for greater results. You know, it gives us joy to know that we bless at least a life with our package every Morning on the GMC show.
NewsWatch: What interests you most about your talk show, GMC?
Amy Banda: The show is a lively daily that sets the pace of every viewer's day. We try to appease minds with inspirational topics, settle conflicts with a pack of information, feed the mind with knowledge and give everyone an opportunity to share a dream vision with us. It might just set the pace for others to emulate, you know. Our interest is to encourage broken minds, inform lawless people, highlight authorities of certain issues plaguing growth and have them talk on well defined strategies to curb vices and promote virtue, and most of all in everything we do, make the difference. It is a new team, with a new edge, zeal and will, to create new feelings and impact in our society.
NewsWatch: Many of your audience say you’ve lost touch of your local context in the way you speak, your accent …, what do you think?
Amy Banda: How come I have lost touch with my local audience? Is it the same audience which enjoys my eloquent display of speech patterns? Is it the same audience which identifies me with Christiane AMANPOUR, Oprah Winfrey and other Media Moguls on the International Media landscape? They couldn't be on the CNN or BBC and enjoy my colleagues do their duty every day and say otherwise of me. This is a question which makes me ponder on whether or not we are ready to accept and celebrate ours. We must learn to identify and recognize ours else we will truly end up being heroes elsewhere than our homeland, which is of no good to us as peaceful patriots in our fatherland, willing to reach for the greatest heights.
Published in NewsWatch Newspaper N° 004-Sept. 9, 2013


  1. Yea! congrate Amy great post i see Christian Amampour speaking. You are an icon i like listening to you! i love your tone and your enthusiasm makes me feel great listening to you on STV . Appreciate your skills keep it up we gonna rock Cameroon, Africa and the World com is our thing lets do it the best way ever and be the best !shalom

  2. I am very impressed by so much intelligence, charisma, humor and passion for this job. Amy Banda today renovates the journalistic world and knows with a lot of enjoyment and dexterity to decorate the mornings of the televiewers of STV. I ask you to receive my most sincere admirations and well can the quite Powerful God protect you from your enemies because they are so many, and to give you still the inspiration which will make of you a legend in the world of the press! Congratulations my sister! Nadia Love Eba'a