Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hon. Abe Prepares Homecoming, Declares Himself “Man of the People”

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The Member of Parliament for the Ako/Misaje special constituency says “When something good comes your way especially from your people, it is but normal culturally and socially to go and say thank you”. Hon. Abe Michael was speaking to NewsWatch’s Ndi Eugene Ndi in Yaounde on Monday March 17.
In this light, Hon. Abe revealed that he is going home from March 22 to thank his electorate for the confidence they gave him at the September 30, 2013 elections in which he was voted as their representative at the lower house of Parliament, the National Assembly.
The MP said he will be received in Ako sub division on Saturday March 22 and in Misaje subdivision on Monday March 24.
His homecoming is not however a campaign rally of the CPDM: “I am going to thank them for the confidence given me at the last legislative election and to encourage them to continue giving me the confidence and that we shall work together  for I need their support; they should not relent in their efforts”.
The homecoming of the MP for Ako/Misaje comes at a time critics say the MP and Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development and elite of Misaje are locked in acrimony. “We are in democracy and people have their rights; where such allegations are coming from, I have no idea. I am only hearing from you now. I wine and dine with the Minister everyday; people are even jealous of my relationship with the Minister”, the MP responded to his detractors.
According to Hon. Abe Michael, a parliamentarian does not work alone; “I am not going to work alone, apart from voting good laws, we have to move round the corridors of the various ministries to lobby for one or two projects”. These projects the Ako/Misaje MP said would benefit the people he is representing.
Asked why he did not organise his homecoming during Christmas as a Christmas gift to his constituency, he said “the Christmas gift of my electorate is the brand new MP who they know very well shall deliver”. However he reiterated that he cannot deliver what is expected of him alone: thus, besides saying “thank for your votes”, he will be calling on his electorate to be open in telling him what is not going on well so that together they can get their own share of the national cake.
Reacting to allegations that his native Ako council is controlled by the opposition SDF and his reception in Ako may not be as hilarious as he might have wished, Hon Abe said, “That is the opinion of the people you are talking of; as we talk here now (Monday March 17) the crowd that is already in Ako is unimaginable. I have been receiving calls and my phone since the weekend has been a hotline. Anybody who has a negative opinion will be surprised”. He added that he is a man of the people, “I am a man of the people and the people know whom I am and they are already cleaning their stomachs to eat and drink. Like I said, those from further villages are already in Ako town waiting”.
Quizzed on the future of the Ako/Misaje constituency in the next five years, the MP unequivocally said “in the next five years, Ako/Misaje will not be the same. There must be some remarkable changes. We have to leave a legacy, God being our helper. There must be something to show that this man was there from this period to that period. We are going to transform the area development wise, God being our helper”.

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