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Ndansi Elvis: Popular Politician Shortlisted for Media Award

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The emblematic youth leader of the National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP, Ndansi Elvis has been shortlisted amongst several other laureates for the 2013 Guardian Post Media Group Excellence Award billed for Kumba, Southwest region. Ndansi Elvis is undoubtedly a household name in the country most especially because of his fearless and daring approach towards whatever he embarks on, qualities which apparently must have heralded his selection for the upcoming Media award whose credibility cannot be overemphasized. As the national youth president of the NUDP, Ndansi Elvis has been a model to many youths who hitherto thought politics was a thing for the old. 
In fact Ndansi is a perfect example of a workaholic who is succeeding through hard work and nothing else. He represents the future of the young generation as he has proven both to his party and the country as a whole that the youth can be relied on for the development of tomorrow. Instead of remaining in the class of the youth who are derogatorily referred to as the “leaders of tomorrow”, Tamfu Ndansi Elvis has seized every opportunity given him to conveniently prove that the youths are the leaders of today and should be treated as such.
Ndansi Led Youths of His Party in Buea March Past

The man-Ndansi Elvis

Ndansi Elvis Nukam is a dynamic and energetic youth in his mid 30s. He hails from a small village – Mfume, near Misaje, Donga Matung division of the Northwest region. Trained as a medical practitioner, Ndansi has over the years proven to be an all-weather person, training himself in diverse domains and consequently metamorphosing into an versatile individual with multi-talents. He is intelligent and routinely smartly dressed, looks handsome and yet is humble and soft spoken. A perfect example of a gentleman in the strict sense of the word, Ndansi is widely known for keeping to his words. As national youth president of the NUDP, Ndansi acts like a model and a source of inspiration to many youth both at home and abroad.  In Donga Matung where he hails from, it is on record that Ndansi is the youngest politician this far who has ever gunned to be mayor and parliamentarian before the age of 30. In 2007, Ndansi Elvis was list leader for the NUDP council list for Misaje and later Parliamentary candidate in the 2013 twin elections for the Ako/Misaje constituency. Though luck did not smile on him in these attempts, Ndansi's participation has left behind an indelible mark in the political arenas of the division and beyond.

Ndansi-Young But an ace and no-nonsense politician

It is needless to remind ourselves that Ndansi Elvis is the first Anglophone to have ever occupied the position of national youth president of the NUDP, a party erroneously considered by many to be an affair of “Maiguidas” (Northerners). Like the famous Aristotle once said all human beings are politicians yet what distinguishes some politicians from the madding crowd is their approach to politics. Ndansi is a young politician with foresight who practices the politics of inclusion. He is a frontline militant of his party but even his adversaries from both the ruling party and elsewhere admire his approach to politics which is void of rancour and bitterness. Despite his two unsuccessful attempts, Ndansi has remained focused to his dream and his zeal towards politics has instead escalated over the years.
A renowned leadership writer Faye Wattleton once noted that “whoever is providing leadership needs to be as fresh and thoughtful and reflective as possible to make the very best fight”. This is a very apt description of Ndansi Elvis who has an ultra-sharp mind and the zeal of a bee in accomplishing any task worth undertaking. He is almost a perfectionist who fervently believes that anything worth the salt should be perfectly done or it should not be attempted at all. For this reason, many people believe that Ndansi has a golden touch and thus deserves outright any award that goes with the dynamism of a youth leader given his outstanding contribution to youth development.

Ndansi as a Great Mobilizer and High-spirited Politician

In 2013 alone Ndansi has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is competent to man the entire activities of this country.  “Creativity is not sold in the market” - Martin Tubuo fondly called Prince Afo-Akom could never have been more apt. Creativity is indeed what makes a leader to succeed and that is the quality which Ndansi holds a lot of esteem for. It all started last October 2013 following the convening of the electorate by the head of state when Ndansi declared his intention to stand as parliamentary candidate in the elections and subsequently got the full support and blessings from his party Chairman, Bello Bouba Maigari. During the campaigns that saw the participation of three political parties-SDF, CPDM and NUDP within the Donga Matung West constituency, it is on record that Ndansi pulled the highest crowd ever in the constituency. In most of his campaigns, youths and the old alike emptied their homes for his rallies.
In 2014, his mobilizing spirit seems to have reached another level as Ndansi Elvis at short notice decided to fete youth day with his militants in Buea.  Within days, the emblematic leader was able to mobilize over five hundred militants to take part in the march past exercise. He equally did a similar mobilization in areas across the Northwest and East regions. As if that was not enough, days after Ndansi left Buea he was again assigned by the party hierarchy to head the NUDP delegation to Buea to participate in the Golden Jubilee of Reunification celebrations. In his usually style, Ndansi personally led his militants in the reunification march past, all clad in their party's regalia. Over the years this widely acclaimed youth leader who has proven his mettle as far as leadership is concerned in the country and beyond has no doubt blossomed through his endeavours.
This Article was first published in NewsWatch Newspaper N° 007

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