Monday, March 24, 2014

Witchcraft Attains Alarming Proportions in Nkambe

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Since January 2014, the rate of witchcraft practiced in the division of Donga Mantung has been alarming with the most flagrant cases in villages like Bih, Saah, Kungi, Binka and  Konchep As recently as February 2014, 10 pupils were given human flesh in Bih village and were expected to provide payback by sacrificing their relatives. However, HRH the King of Binka stood firm and performed serious traditional rites to address the issue which is danger of spilling out of control.
 In similar rituals in Binka, a goat was slaughtered and the Fon, his traditional council and the population made it clear that anyone involved in witchcraft in the village will be done away with. Meanwhile, all those who had been “tied as meat” were untied and freed. Many of the witchcraft cases are at the Nkambe Court, with others at the police station and the DO’s office while the Fon is struggling to tackle those referred to his palace.
Recently, as a result of disappointment in the old people of Kungi who had been to the DO, Police, and Palace several times with no concretes results, the youth came out massively in a bid to curb the alarming rate of witchcraft which in their opinion has for long hampered development in the community. This time, the main accused persons included Pa Ngwang Ndange and Mami Siberia Ntambong who were summoned once more by the youths to the Palace.
The accused were said to have given two pupils human flesh in Kungi when these kids were returning from the market, after which the children could not sleep.  Upon investigation, the kids reported that one afternoon on their way back from market Mami Siberia stopped them and gave them meat to eat since they did not have meat in their houses. One took and ate though the other being wise enough to heed advice from his parents, never complied.
After some time, Mami Siberia started asking them to pay, and the issue became so heated that the one who did not eat, stole 20.000 FRS from the mother to pay Mami Siberia while the friend who ate sacrificed the mother in return.  Following interrogation, the child who stole the 20.00 FRS revealed that Mami Siberia gave them meat and was asking for the sacrifice of his father in return. He refused to do so and that was why he stole the 20.000 FRS to pay Mami Seberia with.
The Traditional Society of Kungi was informed about what had transpired and they reacted promptly. With the support of the entire population, they meted out severe beatings to Pa Ngwang and Mami Seberia as punishment. It should be recalled that Mami Seberia was at one time a disciple of the Church for Witchcraft Practices.
By Marcel Abanda in Nkambe

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