Monday, March 24, 2014

Youths Praise Chuyeh Mbunkor for Initiating Scholarship Scheme

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-The executive bureau of the Cameroon National Youth Council (CNYC), Donga Mantung has written to one of their elite, Captain Edward Chuye Mbunkor, appreciating him for initiating a scholarship scheme that would be beneficial to Donga Mantung, particularly those of his native Binju – Nkambe who are holders of the GCE Advance Level Certificates.
Marcel Abanda

In the letter written on February 23, 2014 and signed by the divisional executive president of the CNYC for Donga Mantung, Marcel Abanda, the youths of Donga Mantung through their president said they were very elated at the announcement of the scholarship fund by Captain Edward Chuye Mbunkor.
The marine captain who hails from Nkambe (Binju), works and lives in Douala. He was in his native Binju on February 22, 2014 to appreciate the population of his village for voting the CPDM at the last September 30, 2013 twin elections.
During his “home coming”, the marine captain who was accompanied by some of his friends from the economic capital announced that he will offer scholarships to all Advanced Level holders of Binju who wish to further their education, irrespective of the schools they enrolled in.
According to the President of the executive bureau of the CNYC for Donga Mantung, the scholarship scheme by the elite is in line with the head of state’s address to the youths on the eve of the 48th edition of the national Youth Day celebrated last February 11, 2014 where he laid emphasis on education of the youths.
“For it is these youths that will build the future - which starts today - of our beloved Country Cameroon and the Vision 2035. This scholarship package for the Youths of Binju Nkambe falls squarely within the Head of State’s Vision for the youths of this country. Once more we thank you immensely for the great New Year gift to our youths. This is an example which we strongly recommend to others; elite of this Division should emulate”, writes Marcel Abanda in a letter to the marine captain (NewsWatch has a copy).
This Article was also Published in NewsWatch Newspaper N°007

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