Friday, March 28, 2014

Nkambe: CPDM Celebrates 29th Anniversary With Renewed Commitment

'The CPDM has come to stay in Nkambe'-Ngala Gerard
(NewsWatch Cameroon)-Militants and supporters of the ruling Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM in the Donga Mantung I section, Nkambe joined their comrades nationwide on Monday March 24 in celebrations marking the 29th anniversary of the party.
The 29th anniversary of the CPDM in Nkambe was an occasion for supporters of the party to celebrate peace, stability, maturity and above all success. It was the first time in close to two decades that the CPDM is celebrating her anniversary in that part of the country after registering success at an election (last September 30th twin elections).
Addressing supporters of the party at the Nkambe community hall, Donga Mantung I interim CPDM section president, Taa’Nformi Ngala Gerard underscored the need for party front liners to recruit more militants into the party in view of future elections; which according to him, the CPDM has to win in all.
There was total excitement amongst the militants when Ngala Gerard announced that the CPDM has come to stay in Nkambe citing the recent glory of the party during the last legislative and municipal elections as signals for a bright future.
Being the first party anniversary after the CPDM won at the September 30, 2013 twin elections, Ngala Gerard told the militants of Donga Mantung I that the National Chairman of the CPDM, also president of the Republic of Cameroon holds Nkambe very close to his heart given that the name SDF was synonymous to Ntarikon and Nkambe in the Northwest. But today “you are all witnesses… the mayor is here, you showed the CPDM chairman that you are all behind the CPDM by voting massively for the party”.
To the section president, the militants of  Donga Mantung I, Nkambe have all reasons to celebrate after taking over the council, “which is the corner stone of development” from the opposition. He thus urged them to consolidate the victory. “You won the battle but the war continues, therefore do not go to slumber, you have to recruit more militants to ensure that in future elections we don’t only win but win with a hundred per cent”.
Ngala Gerard narrated that when he decided to come back and do politics at home, he first met with the then section president, today Mayor of Nkambe and told him “I have come here to join you so that we can help turn Nkambe into a CPDM stronghold”, and today he is happy that his dream is becoming reality.
Though the legislative election list leader for Donga Mantung centre on CPDM ticket is not in parliament, he told CPDM supporters that he is not discouraged. “Hope is not lost, you people can beat your chests for off-rooting the SDF in Nkambe”, he said promising that he and other CPDM bigwigs are into serious reflection on how to conquer in 2018.
It should be recalled that the CPDM list that was headed by Ngala Gerard won in Nkambe central during the September 30, 2013 legislative elections, but the SDF parliamentary candidate was rescued with votes from Ndu. However, the CPDM took over the council which had been under the controlled of the opposition SDF since the advent of multiparty politics.
Meantime, Taa’Nformi Ngala Gerard reassured the militants that he will still do what he was suppose to do if he had gone to parliament “because you gave me the confidence”. The acting section president urged militants to always appreciate what they have saying he strongly believes like Chinua Achebe that “no matter what you are aspiring for, no matter what you aim to be in future, you must appreciate what you have at the moment”.
Earlier, the mayor of the Nkambe CPDM run council, Ngabir Paul Bantar joined the section president to assure militants that the CPDM has come to stay. He said the CPDM would control the council for the next 34 years; two times the number of years the opposition has controlled before thinking of ever leaving.
The militants unanimously reiterated their gratitude and loyalty to the head of state, chairman of the CPDM in a motion of support.
The turnout of this year’s CPDM anniversary in Nkambe, analysts say was evident of the fact that the party has really made great strides in the recruitment of militants in the hitherto SDF stronghold.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi, with contributions from Marcel Abanda in Nkambe.

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