Monday, March 24, 2014

Menchum North MP, Zhoa Mayor No Longer on Talking Terms

(NewsWatch Cameroon)-A cold war currently exists between the Member of Parliament for Menchum North, Hon. Ndong Larry Hills and the Mayor of the Zhoa Municipality, Tem Peter, NewsWatch is reliably informed.
Hon. Ndong Larry Hills aka Wum Boy

 Months after his installation as Mayor of the Zhoa council, Tem Peter is reported to have inherited an attitude common with political opportunists towards his collaborators and other party officials, a councillor hinted Newswatch.
Council sources in Zhoa observed that since his installation, Mayor Tem has been running the affairs of the council as a private estate with high-handedness and opaque management and tends to dismiss anyone who tries to call him to order. He recently locked horns with the MP, Ndong Larry Hills aka Wum Boy during the visit of the Minister of Youth Affairs to launch Youth Week activities in Wum.
 As narrated by a councillor of the Zhoa council, Wum Boy had called the mayor some few days to the visit to find out how they will welcome the minister given that after the launching in Wum, the Minister had to visit Lake Nyos which is located in Wum Boy's own constituency (Menchum North). As the councillor explained, just a single invitation had been addressed to the constituency which happened to have landed in the hands of Mayor Tem who from every indication was determined to appear during the ceremony as the representative of the constituency.
This was not deemed acceptable by the MP who immediately called the mayor to set matters right. The mayor, we gathered, derogatorily informed Wum Boy he was not answerable to him and had no explanations to give. This act considered by the MP as gross insubordination did not however stop him from attending the launch in Wum. The Mayor is reported to have snubbed the MP during the event as he was throughout the event seen with the Divisional Officer of Fumgom raising questions about the closeness of this recent association.

Enters Kwa Donatus
 He is well known as Menchum. Kwa Donatus recently locked horns with the mayor following a misunderstanding during the latter’s installation. Kwa is reported to have mobilized the local press, seemingly out of good faith in order to give the event the widest possible media coverage. Mayor Tem however disapproved of the said proposal from Kwa Donatus, informing him that only the state media would be accredited to cover the event. It is reported that the mayor told some of his cronies that Kwa Donatus had come to defraud him in the name of mobilizing media coverage – an allegation Kwa did not take lightly.
Talking to this reporter, the District Chairman of Zhoa, Che Alexander said Kwa Donatus has been carrying out anti-party activities, adding that he risked being sanctioned by the party hierarchy. According to him, Menchum is actually the cause of the strained relationship between the mayor and the MP. He narrated that some weeks back, Menchum took some files to the mayor for the issuing of birth certificates, purporting that he was working on the instructions of the MP. Menchum explained to the mayor that the birth certificates in question were for individuals  who intended to procure  National Identity cards so as to register and vote for the party in the next elections.
This Article was also Published in NewsWatch Newspaper N°007

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